Our vineyards are situated in a sunny valley of São Julião, portuguese village belonging to the county of Valença do Minho, with warm temperatures and great sun exposure, which allows the grapes to achieve outstanding ripeness.

The vines are conducted under the cordon system, with a density of just 1.111 plants per hectare.

We cultivate our vines following the requirements of integrated farming or sustainable agriculture , which is a mid-point between intensive agriculture and organic.

In the frame of the guidelines established by the IOBC (International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants), the Integrated Production of grapes searches to promote a viticulture that respects the environment, through the use of natural regulating mechanisms instead of polluting inputs and to secure a sustainable production of grapes of high quality.

Another of its main objectives is to promote and maintain a high biological diversity in the ecosystem of the vineyard and in surrounding areas, as well as preserve and promote longterm soil fertility.